Prefab slabs

Available in quartz, marble, granite, and quartzite.

Prefab slabs come from the factory with a finished flat edge, a 6″ backsplash, and are already cut to standard cabinet depth. Because they are already most of the way fabricated for us the labor rate to install them is quite a bit less than the regular full slabs.

Prefab slabs cannot be used in every kitchen. Call, text, or email us for the pro’s and con’s of using prefab slabs and a recommendation on which type of slabs is best to use in your particular kitchen.

Available sizes:

108″x26″ countertops (Includes 6″ backsplash)

108″x42″ island.

Email or text countertop layout for an estimate.

Slab yard open Monday – Saturday.

Group 3: Marble look colors

Group 2: Solid colors

Group 1: Sparkle colors