Large Island w/ Seam

I’m highlighting this project for educational purposes for people who are designing their kitchen layouts. This a large 13 foot long island with a seam in the center of it. Ideally you do not want a seam on an island countertop at all. But quartz slabs are all only about 120″ to 130″ long so in cases where the island is longer than the slab you need to put two slabs together and seam them together in the center.

The trick when doing a seam on an island is either get two solid colored slabs like solid white or solid gray, or carrara look with small veins that do not have a lot of large noticeable movement. Or get bookmatched slabs like this island below has so you can make the seams flow together. If you get two slabs with big veins that were not bookmatched you would see one set of veins stop at the seam and on the other side of the seam see a completely different set of veins begin. They wouldn’t line up and the seam would be too noticeable. The seam itself is only about 1/16″ so it’s the flow of the slab movement that is most important when hiding a seam.

My suggestion is try to keep islands 10 feet long or less when possible. That way you can fit the entire island top in one slab without severely limiting the color options you can use to make it look good. Also keep in mind that it takes 3″ of material to make a finished edge. So if a slab is 120″ long and you need 3″ on each side to make the edges then the cabinets underneath can only be 114″ long at most.