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Amber counting down the days until we could bring Hexum home.

The first day with us he was a bit confused and under the weather. We did our best to make sure he was comfortable in his new home.

While I was at work the second day he came up to Amber, pushed her hand out of the way with his mug and laid down on her lap for a big long nap. Ambers heart melted and he was officially part of the family.

He even started to win me over.

Chapter 2: The Boat

A few weeks later Hexum and I were buds. We were walking around the harbor on my day off when we came across this family putting their boat up for sale. I asked them how much a sailboat costs (I have always wanted a sailboat because I am a pirate) and to my surprise they wanted to sell this boat fast, the result being I could afford it. We bought the boat cash, named it “Speak Easy” and everything was (for the first time and limited time) completely perfect.  Hexum would try to chase the sea lions like he chased bunnies. Luckily we always caught him before he actually got out of the boat.

Chapter 3: The business

Chapter 4: Hotels & travels

Chaper 5: Nursing school & hiking